Handi-Rex Chain Sharpener

HandirexfntwebThe Handi-Rex chain sharpener is a fast and accurate machine for sharpening chains in the workshop or in the field. Fast operation and simple adjustments make it an ideal machine for the professional forestry worker or saw shop where time and accuracy are important considerations.





Just look at these features:

  • Increased Profits
    Correctly sharpened chains will greatly increase bar and chain life.
    Automatic operation relieves staff for other duties.
  • Fast
    Sharpen up to 60 teeth per minute.
  • Accurate
    Cam operation ensures accuracy, consistency and reliability.
  • Easy to use
    Simple adjustments for cutter placement and metal removal.
    Little or no adjustments when changing between most chain.
  • Versatile
    Any size and type of chain can be sharpened.
    ¼" right through to ¾".
    Any top plate angle between 0° and 35°.
    'Scratcher' chain as well.
    12- 15 volt DC operation.
  • Depth Gauges
    Accurately lowers depth gauges (separate operation)
  • Reliable
    Ball bearings, hardened cams and bushes with sealed pivots limit wear.
  • Options
    CBN wheels grind cooler, maintain profile and reduce wear.
    240 and 110 volt AC switch mode power supply.
    Swivelling wall mount bracket.
    Tripod floor stand.
    Multimedia instruction CD.

See the Product Video tab on top to view a video of the Dinasaw Handi-Rex Chain Sharpener!