Dinasaw bandsaw setter

Dinasaw Bandsaw Setter


pic20000The Dino Bandsaw Setter is a portable bandsaw blade setter capable of setting raker style bandsaw blades up to 54mm (2 1/8") wide and with tooth pitches up to 28mm (1-1/8") It can be used in conjunction with the Dino Profiler/Sharpener to maintain your blades for optimum performance.

Four cams are located along a common shaft. The two outside setting cams (3) with the single lobes, actuate the setting yoke while the two inside 3 lobe cams (4&5) control the clamping of the blade (4) and the tooth indexing arm (5). Three teeth are indexed for every single rotation of the handle with the setting action occurring twice (one left-one right) in the same cycle. The blade clamp is released while the next tooth is indexed which is again clamped as the setting screw bends the tooth.

The handle may be rotated in either a clockwise or anti clockwise direction but this alters the setting sequence of the teeth from left-right-straight to right-left-straight. The feed cam (5) must then be rotated 180 degrees by first loosening it's grub screw and turning the cam 180 degrees and retightening the screw to ensure the correct sequence otherwise clamping occurs while the tooth is being indexed.

The rapid action and the sequential nature of the "Dino" Bandsaw Setter means that all working parts must operate freely and if the number of blade teeth is not a multiple of 3 then ensure you start and finish at the join.