Bandsaw RB model

Dinasaw® Bandsaw Sharpener


bandsawsharpenerThe Dinasaw Bandsaw sharpener is a cam operated machine suitable for sharpening bandsaw blades from 12mm (1/2") to 75mm (3") wide with tooth pitches between 6mm (4 tpi) to 40mm (.6 tpi). It is capable of both standard, straight grinding with the additional feature of 'MSA Sharpening' to enhance cutting performance.

This machine uses cams to produce the desired tooth profile. One cam indexes the teeth while another simultaneously lifts the grinder motor.

A third cam, which can be disengaged, bevels the grinder motor 14┬░ to the left and right to allow the set teeth to be ground at an angle.

The hook angle is adjusted by rotating the blade support assembly.