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Western Woodlot Equipment LTD is proud to announce to become the FIRST Canadian distributor of

Timber Wolf Band saw blades

as of February 25th 2018!


The World’s Only Thin Kerf, Low Tensioned, Silicon Steel Band Saw Blades


Timber Wolf Blades manufacture a very special series of LOW TENSION, HIGH DUCTILE, SILICON STEEL BAND SAW BLADES for the woodcutters and sawyers. These blades run purposely with 35% to 50% less tension than our competitors carbon blades. Being very stable at low tension, over 70% of the rotation fatigue effect is eliminated, increasing blade body life (flex life) dramatically, and 20% LESS HORSEPOWER IS REQUIRED

Ordering availabel for March 1st 2018!



We carry Lenox bandsaw blades for all your milling needs: Portable Saw Mills, Ranchers, Reman, Furniture makers, Pallet Manufactures, Log Home Builders, Custom orders, Instrument wood, Siding, Specialty woods overseas, and more.


We place a 100% guarantee on all blade welds performed at our saw center facility. Quality discounts are available. Free shipping available on 15 blades or more.


Western Woodlot remains one the of the major thin-kerf saw blade suppliers for Canada –  We specialize in Custom length blades. In addition, Western Woodlot guarantees all workmanship from our weld center, as well as prompt speedy delivery and great customer service to get you milling!


We are also the Canadian and United States Number One Distributor of Dinasaw Sharpening Products such as, Dino Bandsaw Sharpeners, Dinasaw Automatic T-Rex, and Manual Handi-Rex Saw Chain Sharpeners. Further more we keep a selection of Baker Parts and a large Lenox Bandsaw Blades inventory.

As a family owned business we work towards outstanding customer service.


Our reputation speaks for itself – over 28 years of experience with blade technology, sharpening equipment and milling development gives us the knowledge to assist our customers with any technical assistance or advice you may require.

 New: We are happy to serve our US neighbours with cheap shipping solutions and US payment mehthods.


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